Reach corporate decision makers through LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn defines itself as ”The world’s’ largest professional social network.

Even though LinkedIn is often thought of as a recruiting channel it is also used for finding information about a specific field, for learning new skills, for listening to or sharing content as an influencer and perhaps most importantly, seeking professional advice. What does your company offer to users interested in your field on LinkedIn?

As an official LinkedIn Marketing partner Fonecta offers our customers a wide selection of tools and insights for marketing and advertising. Through Fonecta you will not only benefit from our awarded team’s knowledge and expertise but also have access to data and analytics that only a Partner can provide.

Create interesting content and connect with an international audience.

Find the right ad form for each stage of the marketing process.

Reach your company’s main target groups.

LinkedIn advertising & Fonecta

Since 2017 Fonecta has been the only official LinkedIn Marketing Solutions partner in Finland..

As a LinkedIn Marketing Partner specializing in the Finnish market, we have first-hand knowledge of LinkedIn advertising and brand development for Finnish customers globally. Fonecta offers tailored solutions, expertise, workshops, and analysis’ from our team of digital marketing professionals who partner with local brands and agencies.

As a marketing partner we provide analysis of your company’s followers on LinkedIn as well as an analysis on your competitors. Please contact us for more information.

Do it yourself or get a partner to help

There are several ways to do advertising on LinkedIn, even with the help of a partner. Collaborating with a partner provides you with more data, information, and possibilities than advertising without at partner. We can plan and execute your campaigns for you, or you can do all of it yourself, or find a tailored solution somewhere in the middle to best suit your company’s needs.

Most trusted social media

Source: Business Insider Digital Trust Survey 2020

+ 720

million users worldwide.

+ 1,4

million users in Finland.

Nr. 1

Nr 1 B2B lead generation channel.

”LinkedIn is now our most important marketing channel”

Stuart Reynish, Director, Sales & Marketing, AAC Global








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